Dropshippng is a fulfillment service that helps you to source products from suppliers and ships them to your customers directly.

To be straight, dropshipping business means you are selling the third party suppliers products on your own ecommerce store. When order paid by customers, the products will packed and shipped directly to your customers by dropshipping services supplier. When your customers receive the products, the products looks like it is shipped from you. In the whole process, you even don’t have a single touch to the products you are selling.

In standard retail model, the ecommerce store owners usually stock and inventory the selling products. If you use dropshipping services, you just purchase inventory from a manufacturer or wholesaler after orders are paid by customers.

When you are ready to starup your dopshipping business, there are several ecommerce platform to choose. Shopify is the most popular platform the merchant will commonly choose.
Shopify is a friendly platform to dropshippers. In other words, shopify is specifically made for dropshippers. Shopify store can connected to dropshipping app and works well.

Purchase fee warehouse fee processing fee package services fee
10% free $0.2/item  $0.2/item
If you are doing dropsipping business, you don't have to pay any product cost. When you purchase products as needed, 10% purchase fee would be charged. There is no warehouse fee for the very beginning time. The processing fee and package services fee are $0.2 for each items separately.

Go to 1688 or Taobao and search key words or description of the products after you have selected the product category and type you want to sell.

You can use dropshipping supplier such as EasyGull. Beside you can contact your products suppliers or manufacture and ask them any dropshipping supplier they recommend. There is also a way that you can search on google. When searching on google, you should be aware to dig deep. You are likely to go more than 5 pages to find a good dropshipping supplier.

The drop shipping business has plenty of advantages:

Light Assets Requirement: if you connect your ecommerce store with EasyGull, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on inventory. Instead, you only place a purchase order after your store order has been paid and waiting to fill.

Wide Range of Products: The products you are selling on your store, you don’t have to store all the items. So you can choose any products to sell, and purchase it after ordered.

Lower Risk: you don't have to pay the pre-purchase products fee and the inventory fee, the risk of starting an ecommerce store will be significantly reduced. If the products are not hot selling, you can choose other products easily. You don't have to stick with the pre-store products to sell at a loss.

Freedom of Place: you can run a dropshipping business in anywhere of the world with a laptop and internet, Because you don’t have to take care of a warehouse in one place and the fulfillment will completely done by EasyGull.

High Efficiency: You don’t need to manually manage the fulfill process by each order. After connecting the store, you can manage fulfillments scaled.

Lower Barriers to Entry: Because the investment on warehouse and inventory is not necessary, more people would choose dropshipping to start their ecommerce business. In that case, the competition will be increase.

Lower Profit: Because the competition is high, the profit of dropshipping business will be lower. It is hard to develop to a large scale because you might can’t afford the advisements promotion fee to attract more customers.

Some people start dropshipping business as a full-time job, while others take this as a part-time job. Some people quit their job build a more than seven-figure business by dropshipping, while others just earn some pocket money. So it is a definitely possible to build a profitable business model and generate a real fortune.

But now, as a dropshipper, it is become much harder to complete in the world of EBay, Amazon or Shopify. It is vital that you find your right selling proposition when you are not selling your own products.

If you want to do best in dropshipping business, there are two important points that you should pay attention: a) offer a large amount of informational value with your products and b) choose accessories with high profit to sell.

At the EASYGULL version 1.0, you can only recharge your account balance by PayPal.

No monthly fee, no storage fee, no minimum order;

Faster shipping for your dropshipping business ;

It's free7 * 24 online support in different languages;

If the product is stored in our warehouse, it is processed the same day;

In addition, our app is free for anyone.

No, we don't. Usually we only send items and parcels without invoices and receipts, unless you ask us to do so.

The dropshipping model provides new companies or individuals with light assets the opportunity to compete with mid-size and large online retailers, thereby making the web-based business world an equal playing area for all.