How to work with EasyGull
  • Step 1
  • Create an Account or Login with email and password that you filled. We will notice you any infomations through email.
  • Step 2
Connect your Shopify store to our Website after login, for more connection steps, please click here.
  • Step 3
When have orders, sync it and authorize us by click “Start Processing”. Let us purchase and ship it for you.
  • Step 4
Copy URL from Taobao and 1688, choose and save attributes you need by “Products”. Then orders in futureo can be synced automatically.
  • Step 5
After the order arrived and shipped, our system will fulfilled it in your store automatically. For fulfillment settings, click here.
  • Step 6      Delivered
    When parcels are shipped out, tracking numbers will be uploaded to your store automatically and trigger fulfillment email notifications to your customers.