Connect New Store
Please create private API Key and Password manually before connecting your Shopify store to EasyGull.

①: Your Shopify Store Name. You also can find it in the URL of the browser, after you  signed in to Shopify as follow
②: Your Shopify private app API Key.
③: Your Shopify private app Password.
How to get the private app API Key and Password?
Step 1. Log in the shop you want to link to and select “Apps” from the menu, scroll down to the bottom of the right page and click the “Manage private apps” button.
  Step 2. Click the “Create a new private app” button in the upper right corner of the new page. Fill and save the information required.
  Step 3. Orders will be fulfilled automatically. Please set following parts in your store as asked.
  • Orders, transactions and fulfillments———read and wirite
  • Locations———read access
  • Fulfillment services———read and write
  Step 4. Click “I understand, create the app” button in the new window.
  Congratulations, you have created a private app after complated these steps. You can find the “API key” and the “Password” as follow.